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Summer Musical Enterprise (SME) depends upon a loyal group of businesses and individuals to help underwrite the cost of producing a major musical each summer. We are indebted to these community-minded sponsors and would like to recognize them for their support! If you would like to join in with your support, you will find our information below. Please feel free to download our brochures to view at your earliest convenience. If you are interested, contact us at to join our family of Musical Theatre lovers!

Our friend, John Raymond Howell, passed away on Friday, May 3, 2013. John had a tremendous impact on the Blacksburg community, as a musician, educator, and mentor. He was one of the founding members of Summer Musical Enterprise (SME.) We were incredibly fortunate that John, a man with so many talents and such positive energy, was a prominent member and supporter of SME. While John will be greatly missed, we continue to enjoy his legacy of music and education.

For those friends of John Howell wishing to donate in his memory, Summer Musical Enterprise is accepting donations through the mail at the following address:

Summer Musical Enterprise
P.O. Box 10654
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Sponsor Booklet

Letter from The Executive Board


Dear Friends;

The Summer Musical Enterprise has been an active member of the New River Valley community since our first show (The Music Man) in 1992. We have produced musicals every summer since then and have included scores of our neighbors from all corners of the area.

We are now asking for your help. We need your financial contributions to insure that this tradition continues in our community. Rising costs of both materials and musical royalties have made it difficult to continue at our present level of quality. We feel that we still provide a great value for our community and would like to stay accessible to all members of the community. In efforts to hold our ticket prices as low as possible, we ask that you consider becoming one of our donors to help bridge this gap. We have a wide range of opportunities for you to become an active supporter of this ongoing tradition, and as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, your donations are tax deductable.

Please take a few moments to review the Sponsor Booklet or the Donor Brochure and let us know if you would like to become part of SME family. Your donations will be critical in this very important community project and we truly appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

Summer Musical Enterprise
Executive Board

Musical Production Costs

The costs of producing a musical are growing every year. SME works hard to keep the ticket prices of the productions low enough to be affordable to everyone in the New River Valley. We typically raise about $25,000 in advertising and ticket sales. In contrast, cost of producing each musical has risen to over $35,000 for a two-week run of eight shows. This cost has risen over $10,000 per production in twelve years. Since SME is a not-for-profit organization, all of our time is donated. Our costs include only direct costs of the summer production and the administrative costs of the organization. Below is a general breakdown of many of these costs with approximations of a typical production:



Ongoing Administrative Costs:
$5,000 - Operating Expenses - Set & costume storage; Web site; P.O. Box; Insurance; Corporation & other administrative costs;

Production Specific Costs:
$7,000 - Royalties - Musical score rental, script rental, etc.;
$9,000 - Venue - Theatre rental, rehearsal space, shop space, lights rental, sound rental, truck rental, etc.;
$5,000 - Sets -Scenery rental, lumber, paints, construction hardware, rigging hardware;
$2,000 - Properties - Properties rental, properties construction, properties purchase;
$5,000 - Costumes - Specialty costume rental, fabric, zippers, buttons, etc.;
$1,000 - Makeup & Hair - face & body makeup, hair styling, wigs,
$6,000 - Publicity & Playbill - Posters, fliers, advertisements, Playbill printing, mailings, etc.;
$1,000 - Misc. Costs - Ticket printing, house expenses, photos, other administrative costs.

How You Can Help

sponsor_3 As you can see, the $25,000 that we collect in ticket sales does not cover our costs. The difference must be obtained through charitable donations. We ask that you join the growing SME family and become a member of our organization with a monetary donation. A donation, of any size is greatly appreciated. Below are suggested categories of giving. We ask that you please consider donating to SME and keep the “Roar of the Greasepaint and the Smell of the Crowd” alive in the New River Valley!
Members Donors
$25 - Individual
$50 - Family (up to four members)
$250 - Corporate

$500 - Patron
$1,000 - Silver Patron
$2,000 - Gold Patron
$5,000 - Show Sponsor *
(* Underwrite an evening of the current production)

Donors receive a package of customized benefits which may include:

  • Block of tickets for your guests;
  • Recognition in curtain speech;
  • Playbill recognition;
  • Recognition on SME web site;
  • Marquee/lobby recognition during production;
  • Special donor receptions with cast;
  • Invitation to cast parties;
  • Cameo part in the current production.

Please contact us at for more information.



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